President's Message

President's Message

      It is a matter of pride that the “Trust Committee” honored me as the “President” of the Trust. I always believe that the rarest thing in this world is to live life in a way that will bring betterment to your followers and surroundings. We get 365 days every year to explore how we can explore better.

      The trust is rendering significant services in different areas thus giving the youth a platform to make a remarkable achievement in their respective fields. In this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount importance for the holistic development one must define their goals clearly and should be equipped with appropriate knowledge, attitude and ambitions.

       I am very pleased with the success of our sports club which have made some changes in sports environment of Hapur and progressing day by day.

       Finally I thank to all those persons who extended their supports and showing their faith in “The Trust”.

About Us

I am Lieutenant (Dr) Manvendra Singh Baghel, currently working as a "Associate Professor" of Chemistry.

In 2011-12, I was the chief-proctor of SSV College, Hapur. During that session I witnessed some students were very passionate and having tremendous energy but they were deprived of a platform to show their vigour.

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